Play Golf When Holidays

Especially for anyone who is domiciled, or lived adjacent to the Myrtle Beach certainly know that in Myrtle Beach is the place to play Golf. for anyone who wants to play sports of golf, here is a variety of purposes so long as we fill the days off, although we are still not proficient in the game, do not worry because Myrtle Beach has been providing experienced trainers in teaching the game of  Golf is a good technique and correct.

we do not have to choose a complete golf packages in Myrtle Beach, if we live near Myrtle Beach, we can take a package of sports Golf without shelter for the night, besides the price competitive and attractive, this is very much used to the families who are spending the holidays, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and reassurance when we are in Myrtle Beach.

People who come to Myrtle Beach from a variety of places, so many in this place also provided some quality resorts for golf  in Myrtle Beach to be occupied during their holidays, there are several resorts that directly deal with the beach, we can book Resort by phone before we arrived, and this very easy, in Myrtle Beach anyone can feel the cool coastal breeze, all offered with an attractive price. All of this information we can access in

Fashion Store for Salon equipments

Fashion trends develop according to the progress of the age, be it clothes models, clothes and hairstyles, we can see a variety of fashion apparel and accessories are very interesting, so did the haircut, because now a lot of salons that offer a wide range of models and hair color, tools very modern appliance, both of shampoo or hair dryers.

Hair fashion style or model today is not just limited to women but also men, now men always want to look stylish and attractive. With so many beauty salons in the economy also requires a wide range of equipment for the smooth operation of a salon, and therefore developed a variety of shops that sell salon equipment, not only conventional stores but online too much, such as but we as consumers must choose carefully where we can buy this equipment, these days all the media consumers have been buying via the internet, this is because the consumer or the buyer just sitting at the computer without having to leave the house, after the match in purchasing goods and orders will be delivered to the house.

Popular Web hosting Provider

Right now who wants to create a website need not have special expertise, though without mastering some programs such as programs php, ajax, asp, and others, we can create a web might with CMS (content management system) or a blog created for the beginner, that the constraints are where we want our web host, this is because a lot of existing web hosting on the internet. By knowing the traffic webhosting reliable and better able to make the time we get access to the web quickly

best web hosting, reliable and well the support services, will we know with a lot of reading of information on search engines, forums or the comments of blogger. because by reading review hosting and news about hosting, we will get the best result for our web.

Cara Mengetahui sebuah IP (Internet Protocol) nama web

Mengetahui IP website memang banyak sekali kita bisa mengunakan jasa website online, bisa dengan mengunakan script yang diletakkan di website atau blog kita, hanya dengan mengetik beberapa kata yang berhubungan dengan IP di google akan muncul banyak sekali web online yang menawarkan jasanya.


Tapi menurut saya lebih detail kalau kita mengunakan sebuah software karena data IP akan sangat lengkap.


Cara mengunakan software


1. Download program ini IPnet Informasi

2. Extract filenya (zip file)

3. Jalankan File Exenya

3. Masukan nama Web

4. Centangkan tiga pilihan dari 5 Pilihan (urutan satu sampai 3)


Maka akan muncul detail informasi seperti gambar diatas setelah kita mengklik informasi yang muncul dilayar program.

Cara Memilih Hosting Terbaik.

Bagi sebagian orang memilih hosting yang baik, lancar tidak lambat, trafiknya bagus agak sedikit kesulitan, tapi sebenarnya ada cara yang paling sederhana (orang awam) dengan memakai sebuah software yaitu who is this domain, maksudnya dengan memakai software ini kita bisa mengecek dimana sebuah web hostingnya (domain name server :DNS),

Atau kita ingin mengetahui kapan domain name (nama domain, nama website, :com, net) habis masa aktifnya, kapan didaftar, dimana didaftarkan dll.

oke ini cara terbaik menurut yang nulis, hehehe langkah-langkahnya sebagai berikut :


  1. Ambil software ini Who is this Domain
  2. Cari sebuah website yang paling terkenal, paling rame, paling banyak pengaksesnya,
  3. Buka software  setelah didownlaod (zip file), klik file Exenya
  4. Masukan  nama webnya, maka nunggu beberapa detik


Maka akan muncul detail informasi lengkap (menurut penulis) tentang web yang kita masukan dimana, hostingnya contohnya


Domain servers in listed order:


Domain servers in listed order: