Technology advances, IS USEFUL FOR PEOPLE?

a lot of what we see in today’s several tools that all sophisticated and modern, from household appliances, office until what we wear, even today has many tools that can be used as tools to make our bodies become deformed perfect example of an artificial leg, fake hand, and many others, recently has been found for hearing aids that can make people who disrupted his hearing returned to normal function, like instrument called cochlear Implant, device implanted in the patient’s ear , by installing this tool we could hear again like normal human beings. This all is one of the technological advances that will be beneficial for humanity, therefore, who has a full body members should be grateful for having the perfect body by God.

which becomes interesting here, we can get a variety of hearing devices such as cochlear Implants, this tool can help us to hear even though we can not hear very well. This device installed in the patient’s ear. This tool is very sophisticated, according reportedly because we do not need a referral from a doctor, we act as a doctor, the installation of this tool is very easy for all.


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